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Susan Cooley-Gilliom Artist in Residence and Teaching (ART) Program
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ART Program

The Susan Cooley-Gilliom Artist in Residence and Teaching (ART) Program is a lasting gift to the many artists, arts educators and students, and arts enthusiasts we are fortunate to have in our community. The program represents a significant part of Susan’s lasting legacy–as a beloved local artist and environmental advocate.

The ART program works to develop and enhance the visual arts through short-term residencies and workshops taught by nationally-established and highly reputable artists who create in a range of media. Past visiting artists include: Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen, Michelle Ross, Richard Notkin, Katherine Ace, Laura Ross Paul, Tip Toland, Sergei Isupov, Phoebe Toland, Michelle Gregor, Ana Lisa Hedstrom and Jason Walker.

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2022 Visiting Artist: Mark Abildgaard

The Susan Cooley-Gilliom Artist in Residence and Teaching (ART) Program recipient for 2022 is Mark Abildgaard, who has been working with glass as a studio artist for almost thirty years.

Hosted by Blue Line Arts, Mark will demonstrate his techniques of glass casting for all skill levels. In this class students learn how to press found objects into clay to produce unique forms and textures which can be translated into cast glass. These classes are open to beginning as well as advanced students.

To see the schedule of events during the residency, click here.

About the Artist

Mark Abildgaard has found inspiration in looking at the artifacts from many different cultures that are able to convey a sense of mystery about mankind’s existence through time. He likes to use images of totems, boats and figures in his work to explore ideas about the cycle of life and death. Mark tries to create archetypical images which are not culturally specific. In working with these images, he is seeking a way to combine ancient forms and his own life experiences. Mark wants his work to maintain a connection to the past and at the same time reflect a sense of the immediacy of the moment when glass, light and color interact.

Mark Abildgaard received a MFA at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, and BA at San Francisco State University. He currently resides in California.

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