Your Charitable Plan Made Permanent

One of your first decisions when creating a fund at Placer Community Foundation is whether you will make it last forever. It’s up to you.
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Open a Fund

Opening a fund at Placer Community Foundation is an easy, effective way to invest in your community and to invest in your charitable interests no matter where in the world that takes you. We partner with you (and your professional advisor) to tailor a gift that maximizes your charitable assets, achieves the timing and impact you want to create, and accomplishes your personal financial planning goals.

Here are ways we can assist you:

Philanthropic advising – What do you want to change in our community? Do you have charitable interests outside of the area? We can help you create your giving plan and grow your fund based on your charitable goals.

Types of assets – We can accept simple or complicated assets and you can always add to your fund later. See the types of assets we accept.

Tribute gifts – We can help you design a special gift that honors a living person, memorializes someone who has passed, or commemorates an anniversary or other important event.

Grantmaking guidance and support – Our professional staff facilitates every aspect of your grantmaking. We perform the due diligence to ensure the organizations you wish to support are viable, eligible nonprofits in good financial standing. And while we love giving locally, you may grant funds to most any nonprofit in the country — addressing causes nationally and globally.

Personalize your fund – Placer Community Foundation offers many great giving options, and we can help you choose the one that’s right for you. You can also establish one of the following funds in your name, in the name of a loved one, or the name of a special cause or organization. If you prefer, you can also give anonymously. Call us at 530.885.4920 to discuss what works best for you.

Types of Funds

Establishing a charitable fund at PCF is an easy and effective way to carry out your philanthropy.
We have a variety of different funds that can meet your charitable giving needs.

Field of Interest

  • Target your contribution to one or more fields of interest that you care most about, such as youth development or animal welfare, or within a specific geographic area.
  • Can support emerging nonprofits addressing your interests, while the PCF staff ensures these organizations are effective and match the purpose you intend.

Donor Advised

  • This fund allows donors and their families to actively participate in grantmaking to nonprofits locally—and beyond.
  • The most flexible option for general charitable purposes, this fund allows giving to a wide range of organizations.
  • This fund is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to a private foundation.


  • You can name one or more specific organizations to benefit from this fund. As a permanently endowed fund, your designation will be honored through the years.
  • PCF takes care of investing and issuing ongoing gifts from the fund’s earnings.
  • Nonprofit organizations can establish their own designated fund at PCF.

It's Easy To Get Started

Would you like to learn more about choosing a fund? Let us answer your questions and assist you with your charitable interests.


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We love hearing from you. We’re as close as your telephone or your keyboard, so feel free to contact us directly to learn more about the Foundation and about making an impact in your community.

Other Types of Funds


A Scholarship Fund allows you to help deserving students further their education. You can designate any level of education from preschool to postgraduate work, as well as a field of study and eligibility requirements. Placer Community Foundation provides the expertise to help you meet your personal goals and awards scholarships to deserving students. Your gift can help students, from preschool to postgraduate, achieve their lifetime dreams.


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PCF Administrative Fund

Start a permanently endowed administrative fund that supports the operations of Placer Community Foundation forever. Your gift would help us continue to provide resources to strengthen nonprofits, provide leadership and convening to address key issues in the community, and promote philanthropy throughout the region.


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Supporting Organization Fund

Establishing a supporting organization at Placer Community Foundation is an excellent alternative to a private foundation, with only a fraction of the administrative responsibilities. You maintain personal involvement and support the causes you care about most while enjoying the favorable tax treatment of a public charity. We take care of investment management, startup costs, grant administration, and reporting.


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