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Enduring Support for Early Literacy in our Community
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Sight Word Busters Endowment Fund

Sight Word Busters provides trained and caring volunteers to go into classrooms in Placer County and work individually with kindergarten and 1st-grade students to ensure they master a progressive series of sight words needed for early reading success. Because the program is hands-on and tailored to each student’s needs, the risk of young children falling behind is dramatically reduced, teachers are able to efficiently deliver curriculum in their classrooms and the volunteers themselves feel immense gratification leading students through these important literacy milestones.

“We have been a recipient of grants and free trainings from PCF over the years,” states Steve Young, Board Chair of SWB. “We value and trust them as an organization and, with them aligning Karen’s charitable interest with our organization over the years, we are grateful for their trust and belief in the impact of our work.”

Donors of Placer Community Foundation had the vision to address the need for early literacy in our community. The passion to see this was brought to the formation with Karen Krenovsky.

With Karen’s gift, the new Sight Word Busters Endowment Fund has been established at PCF. Earnings on investment will provide annual grant distributions to support SWB’s operations. The more the fund grows through additional contributions and investment, the greater the annual grant. This endowment is designed for permanent, sustainable resources that will impact literacy success for our children for years to come.


Sight Word Busters Board of Directors and Executive Director, Linda LoBue discussed the potential of an endowment fund at PCF.

“The demand on our program continues to grow,” states Linda LoBue. “Since 2011 we’ve grown from three classrooms to 117 classrooms and from six volunteers to 250! With this, our financial needs have grown. We began discussing opening a permanent fund at PCF, where the money is invested by them for long-term growth but there was one problem, we didn’t have the funds available to get the fund going.”

Leaving a Legacy

Support the work of Sight Word Busters Endowment Fund. Make a lasting gift to the Sight Word Busters Endowment Fund today or through bequest.

Sight Word Busters

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An endowed fund at Placer Community Foundation works by investing the principal of the gift—using only the interest to make grants in your community. The result is a gift that continues to grow and strengthen the work of organizations like Sight Word Busters for many, many years to come.

Want to know how to make a lasting gift through bequest to support the work of the Sight Word Busters Endowment Fund Endowment Fund? Contact the staff at Placer Community Foundation to learn how.


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