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Rick and Kathy Saletta


Staying Connected to Community

Married for 32 years, Rick and Kathy Saletta have lived in Newcastle since 1980. They live on eight acres with goats and dogs. This is a life they built through extensive careers in service to youth facing monumental struggles of mental health, abandonment and neglect. Today, their legacy of service lives on through their giving at PCF.

Kathy taught through Placer Union High School District in their special education program, working with adolescents with severe emotional problems. It was through this work she met Rick. Rick ran an adolescent unit at Napa State Hospital, and was hired by Placer County Mental Health where he was part of the long, growing evolution of services that are in place in Placer County today.

When it came time to retire, Rick and Kathy wanted to give back in a way that aligned with their goals for improving the lives of children and families. Rick became a board member at PCF and they both established the donor advised Rick and Kathy 4 Kids Fund. In addition to making grants from their fund, they are members of PCF’s Giving Circle, which supports a Youth Development grant program. Rick says, “It’s very gratifying to see programs we’re funding that are thriving—when in the past we struggled heavily to keep them alive.”

When reflecting on their years of community service, philanthropy was a logical next step for the Salettas. “I think people retiring from teaching, community service, etc. want to stay connected to what’s going on in their community,” states Rick. “PCF is a good way to do that and to get involved.”


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