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Fire Relief Fund

The board and staff at Placer Community Foundation are deeply concerned by the frequency of wildfires taking place in Placer County and in our neighboring counties. We know that the likelihood for fires with increased devastation like we saw with the River Fire in 2021 is high. In 2020, our region experienced a record 23 days of 100-degree heat over a 30-day period. The increasingly hot climate combined with overstocked forests, lack of defensible space, and overgrown, dry vegetation are the contributing factors that make our community vulnerable each year. The time is now for PCF to be prepared to respond with philanthropic dollars when needed.

If you would like to help, we ask that you consider making a financial contribution in one of the following ways:


  • Make a tax-deductible donation to PCF’s Fire Relief Fund. This fund is designed to grow overtime with pooled contributions. When a fire strikes in our county, and lives are directly impacted, PCF will identify partners who can direct these dollars to assist with needs such as food, clothing, long-term rental assistance or hotel stays, and much more. Those who have a fund with PCF may choose to make a donation through that fund here.
  • Consider a gift to the American Red Cross. During the River Fire in Colfax in 2021, the Red Cross supported direct assistance to the 247 people at the evacuation shelters. The Red Cross also provided a recovery team at the Assistance Center in Colfax where they helped with fire kits, water, clean up kits and case management to local families.
  • If you wish to support fire relief efforts outside of Placer County, please call our office at 530-885-4920 and we will identify a Community Foundation in that area that is best equipped to deploy dollars in their community.
  • If you are in need of assistance from a fire in your area, contact the American Red Cross  or call their help line: 888-812-6231.
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