Frank and Gladys Porter

Legacy gift left as thank you for care given.
Frank and Gladys Porter Endowment Fund

Frank and Gladys Porter Endowment Fund

Frank Porter has made an indelible mark of gratitude for vital care he received during his last years of life. His gift through bequest establishes the Frank and Gladys Porter Endowment Fund which provides support to organizations offering services to home-bound residents in Placer County.

Born in Fullerton, CA in 1913, Frank Porter lived with his wife Gladys in Auburn, CA. He graduated from Los Angeles City College in 1942 and went on to earn a degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. When he discovered Placer County had an abundance of chiropractors, he simply changed careers and became a painting contractor. He partnered to run and operate Porter & Nippert Painting until the 1980s when he then returned to the chiropractic field.

Frank and Gladys lived a quiet life in Auburn. Gladys loved to grow flowers, Frank treasured their two, white German Shepard dogs, and both enjoyed spending time with friends. Upon entering their eighties together the two faced declining health issues, making it difficult to leave their home. They became increasingly dependent upon organizations that provided them reliable and trustworthy in-home care such as medical assistance, cooked meals, and companionship. Gladys and Frank passed away within a month of each other at the age of 87 and 88 respectively.

Not known to be philanthropic during his lifetime, Frank chose to leave a portion of his estate to charity, stipulating that funds go to services provided to home-bound people of all ages. Frank understood that no matter what your circumstance or age, everyone needs outside help at some point in their lives. His legacy gift exemplifies that anyone can make a difference on a cause that mattered most to them during their lifetime.

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