Mary Ann Flemmer

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Mary Ann Flemmer


From First Steps to a Boundless Journey

Mary Ann Flemmer’s path to philanthropy started in 2019 but has since expanded to encompass the giving of her time, talents and treasures to various causes she hadn’t imagined.   

In 2017 her beloved husband David passed away. They shared a passion for the outdoors and trail running—an activity Mary Ann still loves today. Mary Ann was forced to begin the difficult and daunting task of getting her affairs in order, including a revision of her estate plans. She knew she wanted to explore charitable giving but did not know where to begin. A simple Google search led her to Placer Community Foundation.  

Mary Ann met with PCF staff and established a planned gift in her Trust that, when she passes, will address causes important to her. “I’ve always been passionate about the arts and the environment but over the last couple years I’ve come to identify additional areas of interest and specific charities I’d like to support,” she reflected. “I like that I can revisit my charitable plan with PCF throughout my lifetime, and not have to change language in my Trust.”  

Some of those areas came about through her volunteerism with the Assistance League of Greater Placer where her technical experience helps with their Operation School Bell Program. The program identifies students in need and provides them with free clothing, shoes, school supplies and other essentials to get them equipped and excited for the new school year.  

“There is great need among underprivileged children in this community,” stated Mary Ann. “Despite the wealth in our county, there are many kids who need very basic items—items that many of us take for granted.”  

Mary Ann also relies on PCF to alert her of a variety of immediate needs in the community. In 2020, it was PCF’s COVID-19 Response Fund that prompted her to give.   

I knew COVID was in our community and that it was going to be a big problem but I didn’t know how to find where to give. I got the email from PCF just after the shutdown saying that they started the fund and were speaking with local nonprofits to understand where the needs were greatest. They were seeking to accumulate money quickly so they could get it out into the community. I just immediately gave money. I was relatively new to PCF at the time but I was happy I had a mechanism to support the different ways people were impacted by COVID-19 in my community.”   

Moving forward Mary Ann is looking at ways her philanthropy and volunteerism can help support the positive changes she sees happening in her hometown of Auburn. She finds the greater prevalence of public art and a variety of new restaurants, shops and public gathering spots exciting and hopes it will continue to build and bring vitality to the town.  

“There’s just this brewing potential that I want everyone in my community to embrace and support. It’s another part of why I wanted to work with PCF. They are my resource to help feel, fuel and feed that potential.” 

When asked to reflect on her path to giving back Mary Ann responded, “Dave and I were so fortunate with the life we built together so I can’t imagine not wanting to give back but I needed help getting started. It’s easy to do nothing when you don’t know where to begin. PCF helped me start a rewarding path of giving back to this community that I love. I trust Placer Community Foundation when they reach out.”  


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