For those tricky people on your list who seem to have everything…you’re welcome.

Looking for an alternative to a traditional gift that also perfectly captures the spirit of the season? Charitable giving in honor of a loved one or important person in your life is gaining popularity as a gift that is meaningful, purposeful and unique. It’s also a perfect go-to for the person on your list who is notoriously hard to shop for.

Charitable gifts also provide value that extends far beyond the holidays. Dollars given to causes go towards building community and long-lasting impact, while “things” are subject to wear and changing trends. A gift to charity carries an intangible value that both the giver and receiver can always feel good about, which is why we know many families for whom supporting charitable causes has become a favorite holiday tradition. It also serves as an important way they involve and pass community-minded values on to their children.

At Placer Community Foundation, we have two funds that serve as easy and trusted options for giving a charitable gift. Either option allows your gift to be personalized for your honoree. If desired, we can also alert the honoree by card that a gift was made in their honor, or provide you with a card to present yourself.

1. Community Needs Fund Honoree

A contribution to PCF’s Community Needs Fund makes both you and your honoree direct supporters of work being done to address changing and unforeseen needs in the community. After making a donation in the honoree’s name, you’ll have the option to stay informed about the grants being made from the Community Needs Fund in the next year.

2. Giving Circle Membership



Memberships to PCF’s Giving Circle start at just $200, making it a wonderful and accessible way to name your honoree as a philanthropist in our community. The contributions in this fund are used to award grants to organizations that help create a strong future for the youth in our community. A draw for many to the Giving Circle is the option for members to be involved in the grant-making decision process and attend the award reception.

Get Started: Create Your Charitable Gift

If you are interested in creating a charitable gift now, simply use our online donation portal via this link. If you are interested in learning more or speaking to us about a charitable gift, we’d love to hear from you. Call us at 530-885-4920 or email info@placercf.org.

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