Designated Fund

Help local organizations sustain and grow,
Establishing a designated fund allows you to support the good work of a specific organization: a senior center, museum, or virtually any nonprofit in the region. In addition to providing essential funding, your gift also provides planned giving and investment management services of Placer Community Foundation. Endowing the designated fund establishes a long-term funding source for a particular organization.

Donors: Support an Organization Important to You

Because we handle the details of managing the fund, the nonprofit organization’s staff is free to focus on its mission. Placer Community Foundation can accept a wide range of assets, including gifts of appreciated stock or real estate. You can add to the fund at any time. If the organization you select ceases to exist or changes its mission, the fund can be redirected so that it continues to address your charitable intent.

Nonprofits: Establish Your Own Endowment

Nonprofit organizations can establish their own designated fund at the Foundation. It’s a simple and efficient way to build an endowment and help create sustainability for your nonprofit organization. Our experienced staff can help your organization develop planned giving programs and assist with investment management and administrative details.

Establishing your organization’s endowment at the Foundation ensures donors that the endowed fund’s principal will not be spent and can grow over time, providing a source of lasting support. The Foundation’s economies of scale provide your organization the benefits of a diverse investment portfolio and low investment fees that typically come only with very large funds. Your organization’s regular donors can leave a bequest through the Foundation to benefit your organization forever and create a personal legacy.

Support the Work of the Foundation

Through the PCF Operational Fund, donors can support the ongoing work and operations of Placer Community Foundation. Contact us to talk and/or make a gift.

Wondering what to give? Call us at 530.885.4920. We’re always happy to discuss the most tax-efficient, cost-effective gift options.

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