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The Dan and Dorothy Dimick Fund
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Dan and Dorothy Dimick


Putting People First

Married for nearly 30 years, and living in Placer County for just as long, Dan and Dorothy Dimick have been making their mark in the community with plans to do more.

“We’re very fortunate to be in a position to give,” said Dan. “Giving was instilled in me growing up…I saw how important this was and the positive impact charitable giving could provide. We’re very much family oriented and will do our best to take care of and help our family first. But, at the end of the day if we can also help the community, that’s a fantastic bonus.”

The couple realized they could enduringly help their community after learning about Placer Community Foundation (PCF) through friend and board member, Larry Welch. In due course, the Dimicks made the decision to make PCF a beneficiary in their estate plans by establishing the Dan and Dorothy Dimick Fund, an endowed fund to carry out their charitable intentions.

“I’ve always been impressed with PCF and their leadership, and respect what they do to improve programs and organizations in the county,” explained Dan. “They have a tremendous pulse on the needs of various nonprofits and are extremely effective in helping donors in deciding where and how to give. Living in Placer County, this seemed to be a good fit to work with in meeting our charitable goals.”

Dan and Dorothy’s charitable intentions have been steadfast through the years, especially when it comes to volunteering their time. Dorothy has volunteered with A Touch of Understanding and supported the Placer SPCA over the years, and Dan is an active member of the PCF Giving Circle, helps manage his parents’ scholarship fund at another community foundation, and also serves on the board of directors at Seniors First. Senior support in particular is something the Dimicks hold close to their hearts.

“I’ve volunteered to deliver meals to a number of homebound seniors and they are so appreciative just to see a friendly face and to get a hot meal,” shared Dan. “It truly makes a difference in their lives.”

In Placer County, one of the fastest growing segments is the senior citizen population, and as the baby boomers come of age, shortfalls come with it. “The growth is explosive making it a challenge to provide much needed services,” said Dan. He explained that at Seniors First, they are striving to keep seniors living independently and in their homes by offering much-needed support, such as transportation to doctor’s appointments, respite care for caregivers and food from Meals on Wheels.

Providing essential services to seniors is of utmost importance to the couple, but they also see the need in furthering animal resources as well. “As animal lovers, the SPCA fits in with our values and so we intend to give to them as well,” said Dan, who noted the couple has three dogs and two cats.

In addition to having a household full of animals, the Dimicks have three daughters and four grandchildren. Now all grown adults living on their own and some even out of state, the family still makes time to come together as often as they can, most recently traveling to Hawaii for a family vacation.

Family, above all else, comes first for the Dimicks, but their definition of family includes those living in Placer County, too. “We don’t for a moment take for granted all that is provided to us as residents and we look at the community as part of an extended family,” said Dan. “In setting up the process for our planned giving, we are in effect ‘paying it forward’. It’s a great feeling to know that even after we’re gone, we’re able to help those in need.”


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