Contributors to the COVID-19 Response Fund


Foundation and Corporate Sponsors

Richard Saletta

Donor Advised Fundholders at Placer Community Foundation

Anonymous (2)
Charles and Gail Muskavitch Endowment Fund
James and Diane Williams Family Fund
Jim and Judy Ganulin Family Fund
Joseph and Lucy Fenolio Family Fund
Joyce W. Armitage Charitable Fund
Larry and Linda Welch Charitable Fund
Leo W. Ryan and Geraldine Suskin Community Fund
Locke Family Fund
Morgan Miller Fund
Nancy and Kenneth Kahn Family Fund
Neimi Family Fund
Rhonda and Richard Wampler Fund
Ruth Burgess Women’s Fund at Placer Community Foundation
Sue Thompson and Jaya Perryman Fund
Veronica Blake and Kirk Lovejoy Fund


Individual Donors and Organizations

Anonymous (102)
Doug and Julie Adams Charitable Trust
Alan Albrecht
Constance Anderson
Luke and Hannah Anderson
Kathryn Asfour and Karyn Kambur
Michael and Linda Ashcraft
Lisa Bader
Elysia Baines
Russell and Susanne Baldo
Rob and Deanne Baquera
Robin Basten
Donald and Ruth Baylis
Barbara D. Beland
Joseph and Janet Bena
Jim and Judy Bennett Family Trust
Dena Bez
Sandy Bieler
Elaine Bienvenue and L Nash
Maria Imelda Bitancor
Veronica Blake
Marcia A. Boden
Boesch Family Trust DTD
Edward Bonner
L & J Bonser Memorial Fund
Rhonda Brasse
Kimberly A. Brown
Mark and Chey Bryant
Ellen G. Buchanan and Eric W. Natti
Ellen Buff
Busch Family
Patrick Butler
Ferrin Call
Andrew Callery
Gerald and Barbara Carden
Brian and Marie Carlisle
Anne Casagrande
Sandra Cassieri
Donna D. Cercel
Dr. Pete and Penny Changaris
Tommy & Lori Charurat
Joan and Kenneth Check
Emily and Steve Colberg
Brian and Cathie Conner
Pam and Alex Constantino
Arezou Crose
Lori Dalziel
Charlene Daniels
Bob Detwiler
Deborah Dillon
Dan and Dorothy Dimick
Pamela Dodge
Downtown Lincoln Association
Marilyn Edling
Kathleen and Perry Edwards
El Agave Taqueria
Charles Eldon and Martha J. Wilson
Gary Estes and Dorene Matney
Virginia Ference
Mary Ann Flemmer
Toni Fonseca
Janet L. Forbes
Jan Foster
Barbara Fralick
Dave Fujiyama
Margaret Fulton

Patricia Gaddis
Juanita Garcia & Michael Barber
Bob Gardner & Maureen Daly
Geil Engineering
Ken & Susan Giannotti
Guy and Sigrid Gibson
Robert Gilliom and Patty Schifferle
Karen Ludwig Goeman
Arla Gibson
Bonnie Gore
Great Reflections Hair Studio
The Greco Family
Lyndell Grey
Paul and Sandy Griffith
Bryan D. Gross
James W. and Cathy Haagen-Smit
Bridget Halvorson Charitable Fund
Richard and Mary Ann Hamilton
Cindy Hanna
Anita Hansen Living Trust
Chris Hazen
Ann Heron and Meg Patterson
Alan & Sandy Hersh
James and Imi Hirschinger
Scott Holbrook
Capt. JM Holmes
Deidre Holt
Nancy Holzt-McMahan
Victor Hough and Margaret Bettcher
Jessica Hubbard and Josh Kurtz
David and Gerda Imgrund
Carl and Louise Isaacson
Carole Janicke
Ruth Johanson
John L Clark State Farm Agency
Gage and Charlene Johnson
Steve and Karen Killebrew
Joan Kodani
Anita Kwong
Larsen Family Trust
Ken and Marie Larson
Curt and Kelli Lewis
Randy Leys
Linn Law
Jody Liston
Linda and James LoBue
Bonnie and Jason London
Patricia Lord and Robert Carlson Fund
Michael Luken
Michael Lynch
Ellen MacInnes
Barry Mackintosh
Becky Davis Majewski
Jean Malbrough
Norine Marks and David Silberman
Leigh and Pat Mastrantonio
Jim McKay
David and Kathleen McKillip
Sharryn Mendoza
Thomas Merchant
Nadder and Fay Mirsepassi
Denise Mitchell
Gerald and Gail Mohlenbrok
Jennifer Montgomery
MORE Real Estate Group Keller Williams Folsom
Katherine Mothersell
Amy Mueller
Jennifer Murphy

Teri Nann
Gloria B. Nelson
Ruth A. Nemergut
Eric and Sheri Nimtz Family Trust
Paul and Barbara Ogden
Dr. Robert Oldham
Diane M Ott
Carolyn Kay Parisot
Susan Petersen
Richard and Dorothy Peterson
Judith Pieper
Placer Law Group, APC
Katie Prichard
Dean Prigmore and Patrice Taylor
Susan Prince
Barbara S. Proffitt
Desiree Prudhomme
Michael and Karen Ramm
Marie Rasmussen
Betty Readle LMFT
Christina Richter
Mark Riemer
Andrea Rosenthal
Deren J. Ross
Victor and Cecil Roumage
Dan and Anne Runte
Kevin M. Sanchez
Pamela Scheel and Michael Hemingway
Judith Schmidt
John and Jean Schroeder
Joel Seisa
Dorothy Shiro
Richard & Margery Shunk
Sondra and Scott Singer
Larry W. Smith
Nancy V. Smith
Stephanie Snyder
Dr. Sonja Sorbo
Vicki Spannagel
Speaker Family
Nancy Steeves
Sallysue Stein & Tony Engberg
Melinda Stephens
Jan Stevens and Carole Cory
Anita L. Storrs
John and Joanne Sullivan
Amy E. Takemoto
Dr. William and Mrs. Barbara Tellman
Jackie Tompkins
Alek Ustaszewski
Christina Walsh-Curley and Dennis Curley
Donald Ward
Leslie Warren
Betty J. Weinert
Maureen Wilson
Lori Wilson-Hopkins
Rosalie Wohlfromm
Nancy Wong
Timothy and Robyn Woodall
Jo Anne M. Wuelfing
Stuart and Linda Yaffe
H. Ray and Irene Yamasaki

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Anonymous – In honor of all the great people helping those who get sick
Anonymous – In honor of Ken Larson’s birthday
Anonymous – For Baby Kai
Anonymous – In memory of Paul Blackstein
Anonymous – For Suzanne E Schwab
Marnie Badgley – In memory of Dale. In honor of medical teams
Dennis and Christina Curley – In memory of Ann C. Curley
Ken and Marie Larson – In memory of Norman W. Larson
Patsy Lynch – In memory of Dr. Bill Kirby
Jim and Judy Ganulin – In memory of Al and Pat Davis
Amy Mueller – In honor of David Stringham on his birthday
Dr. Aimee Sisson – In honor of those not receiving a paycheck due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders
Jeff Steer – In loving memory of Daniel J. Durkin
Alan and Vicki Takagishi – In honor of those affected by COVID-19
Alan and Vicki Takagishi – In memory of Bessie Moore
Susan Wiacek, Great Reflections Hair Studio – Special thanks to those who made donations for my face masks.
Lois Zell – In honor and gratitude for those working to keeping our community healthy

We honor the many who have made a gift to Placer Community Foundation and work diligently to ensure accuracy in this listing. Should you discover an error, we ask that you please call us as soon as possible at (530) 885-4920. Thank you.

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