Placer Community Foundation launched the COVID-19 Response Fund as part of a coordinated effort with Placer County Health and Human Services to respond to COVID-19 community impacts. The Fund helps address a range of community needs such as supports for the food distribution system, seniors, youth, mental health services, and more.  PCF is communicating and coordinating closely with local government and social services organizations to understand where charitable dollars are needed most and have the greatest potential for impact. Resources for the fund come from individuals and corporations, which are then deployed according to PCF’s response framework.

Charitable dollars are an important part of responding to and supporting the needs of vulnerable populations. In the wake of COVID-19, giving locally is especially critical to Placer County’s ability to weather the social, emotional and economic impacts caused by the crisis.

Strategic Approach

  • Solicit Charitable Dollars: Engage individuals, corporations, professional advisors, private foundations, and other funding partners to contribute to a disaster relief fund.
  • Convene Stakeholders: Coordinate with partners such as Placer County Health & Human Services, safety net providers, local government, civic organizations, and faith-based organizations to support system-wide approach.
  • Assess Community Needs: Identify priority needs among vulnerable populations, such as homebound seniors, low-income families, veterans, and at-risk youth through regular communication with nonprofit network, key staff at the county and local jurisdictions, First 5, neighboring community foundations and funders, and faith-based organizations.
  • Deploy Core Support: Leverage and maximize charitable resources through strategic grantmaking, community leadership, and advocacy.


There are two key components to the structure of PCF’s approach. First, the COVID-19 Fund is unrestricted, which means that charitable dollars can be used according to an informed response strategy. This flexibility allows dollars to be leveraged and maximized across community needs. Second, the cyclical nature of PCF’s approach allows for resources to be mobilized quickly and fill gaps in the system as they arise.


Make an Impact

Please donate and help address community needs arising from the COVID-19 crisis. By giving to your local community foundation, you can rest assured that every dollar is being maximized for rapid and strategic impact. 

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