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By contributing to the Community Needs Fund, you join other visionary donors over the years who support putting our resources to work — convening conversations which lead to solutions, creating opportunity where there is need, and igniting the passion which creates lasting change. Your support of this discretionary fund confirms your trust in PCF as an agency in moving our community forward.

Watch this two-minute video and learn about the incredible impact the Community Needs Fund is having on Placer County today.

From its storied past to its amazing progress, Placer County is a community shaped by the collective pride of extraordinary people who care about our elderly, our families in need, our animals, and our natural, cultural and historical resources.

Over 7 Decades of Good Works in the Community

Extraordinary people established the Community Foundation in 1948, expanding its philanthropic reach to serve the wider population of Placer County in 2005. For over 70 years the Placer Community Foundation has inspired generosity and improved lives. We have a solid record of authentic leadership, and continue to produce noteworthy results through our Community Needs Fund:

Fostering partnerships. We are home to the Placer Collaborative Network (PCN) to encourage cooperation among individual interests, nonprofit organizations and units of government.

Protecting treasures. Over the years, our grants have supported capital investments to preserve local treasures. We provided key funding for restoration of the historic Placer County Courthouse in Auburn and funded multiple projects to preserve and restore historical landmarks.

Preserving open space. We proudly manage agency funds, which work to preserve and protect the natural and historical landmarks that make Placer County unique —Rocklin Historical Fund, Placer Land Trust’s Natural Wonders Forever, and Protect American River Canyon’s (PARC) Legacy Fund.

Enriching lives. We’ve made nearly $3 million in grants to nonprofit organizations providing vital services to local families in need. These include funding to protect and nurture women and children impacted by domestic violence, provide shelter to our homeless, nutritious food to families and programs to people struggling with substance abuse.

Supporting youth. We implemented a Youth Development grant program to support youth ages 14-21 and encourage their successful transition into adulthood. We fund local programs through dollars matched by those contributed through our Giving Circle.

Investing in local nonprofits. Through our Nonprofit Initiative, we have invested in our local nonprofit organizations with technical

assistance grants, hands-on workshops and our most successful Nonprofit Board Leadership Summit, an all-day session on best practices for board governance.

Cultivating arts. Our Artists in Residence and Teaching Program (ART) brings talented, nationally-known artists to Placer County to produce their work and engage other artists, art students and the general public around the creative process via workshops and lectures.

Growing philanthropy. In our history, we have distributed nearly $7 million in grants to support our community. In 2005, our efforts to expand our philanthropic reach led to a $1.1 million dollar investment in our development by the statewide funder the James Irvine Foundation.

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