The room was full and buzzing at the Blue Goose Fruit Shed in Loomis on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 to celebrate Placer Community Foundation’s philanthropic VIPs and the positive impact that giving has had on our community.

It was the largest PCF charitable giving appreciation event to date with nearly 200 people in attendance. In addition to our donors, the event hosted civic leaders, non-profit endowment fundholders, professional advisor partners, and corporate sponsors. Thank you to all who attended and helped make it a fun and heart-filling evening. We are especially grateful to our generous sponsors:


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The dinner program took care to recognize all the charitable change-makers in Placer County as well as the impact PCF giving and community leadership has achieved in 2019.

2019 Placer Community Foundation Grant & Leadership Impact Highlights:

  • Provided over 2,200 hours of free training to 200 nonprofits in Placer County.
  • Took donors on 12 BenefacTours, which are nonprofit site visits that educate PCF donors on how a gift will impact a cause they care about.
  • The Giving Circle for at-risk youth gave donors the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process and together, they awarded $48,500 in grants to 10 nonprofits.
  • PCF leadership work, which shed a light on our county’s dire need for affordable housing, made us present at every Board of Supervisor meeting in which housing was addressed. We are continuing this effort in 2020.
  • Provided $890,000 in grants to 165 different nonprofits!

Professional Partners:

The following people were warmly acknowledged for partnering with PCF when charitable giving enters client conversations. Thank you for helping in our mission to grow local giving.

  • John L. Allen, Morgan Stanley, Allen Feest Kjellberg Wealth Management Group
  • Andrew Edwards & Associates
  • Paul Aronowitz, Aronowitz Skidmore Lyon
  • Robert Ash, Ashland Financial Resources
  • Elise Baker, Placer Law Group, APC
  • Russell P. Baldo, Sinclair Wilson Baldo & Chamberlain
  • Jeff Birkholz, Packard Financial and Insurance
  • David G. Brockway CFP, Edward Jones
  • Kay Brooks, Weintraub Tobin
  • Rachael Burns, Ameriprise Financial Services
  • Jason J. Cardinet CPA, Clifton Larson Allen
  • Penny Changaris, Guth & Changaris Law
  • Anna M. Chaput, Law Offices
  • Debbi Christensen, Propp Christensen Caniglia
  • Judith Davidson, Merrill Lynch
  • Damon Eberhart, Freddi Eberhart & Associates
  • Steve Eklund, Auburn Tridea Advisors
  • Margaret Fulton, Robinson & Fulton Law
  • Guy Gibson, Gibson & Tuttle Law
  • Alexandria Goff, Law Office of Alexandria Goff
  • Edward W. Goodson, Cunningham Legal
  • George Graziano, Tax Planning Professionals
  • Charlie Harrison, Sequoia Advisory Group
  • Tasha K. Jahn, Cunningham Legal
  • Barbara L. Jicha CPA
  • David L. Kelly, The Burton Law Firm
  • Glenn Kenes, Ameriprise Financial
  • Robin Klomparens, Wagner Kirkman Blaine Klomparens & Youmans LLP
  • S. Ross Kochenderfer Jr., Law Offices
  • Edward C. Koons, Law Offices
  • David Laut, Abound Financial
  • Stan Leavitt, Ameriprise Financial Services
  • Michelle Martin, Robertson Law Group
  • Preston A. Marx III, Cunningham Legal
  • Amy Ochi, Ochi Law
  • Tracy M. Potts, Legacy Law Group
  • Thomas E. Propp, Propp Christensen Caniglia
  • Deanna Quintanilla, Rees-Quintanilla Wealth Management Group
  • Alan D. Schostag, Law
  • Tracy Poston Shows, Seasons Law PC
  • Deborah Van Roekel, Cunningham Legal
  • James A. Willett, Downey Brand, LLP
  • Randall Wilson, Sinclair Wilson Baldo & Chamberlain

Moving Speeches

The evening featured two keynote speakers. The first was Dan Dimick, a long-time donor, legacy member and community volunteer who shared how his family legacy nurtured his philanthropy. Dan described the rewarding experiences he and his wife Dorothy have found giving through their family fund, PCF’s Giving Circle, and Community Needs Fund.


“Being retired, I had time on my hands and I needed something else to fulfill me,” said Dan Dimick. “I turned to PCF and got involved with the Giving Circle and Community Needs Fund and it’s extremely rewarding.”


Next, 16-year-old student Colten Buys shared the life-changing transformation he’s been afforded because of the opportunities provided by the donor-supported ATLAS Leadership Academy. Colten’s heartfelt testimonial received a standing ovation, representing tangible proof of how charitable giving is making a real difference. View a full transcript of his speech here.


Colten Buys, ATLAS student

“Before ATLAS I never would have even dreamed of applying for college, or of being accepted. Now with ATLAS I know that I have potential… and I can fulfill that potential.”

Northern California Children’s Chorus

The acapella performance by Northern California Children’s Chorus was a treat for our ears. Learn more about the chorus and their upcoming performances here.


Real Food Catering

The delicious food served at the event was provided by Real Food Catering. Chef Laura Kenny offers her catering services for small and large events. You can also order from her kitchen’s To-Go Menu to enjoy her healthy meals at home.



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