Carmen Tindall Wilson

Creating a Legacy of Animal Welfare
Annemarie Angelo

Carmen Tindall Wilson

An Auburn resident since the 1950’s, Carmen Tindall Wilson was a wife, mother, teacher and dedicated philanthropist.

In 2008, Paul Aronowitz of Aronowitz & Skidmore was referred to take a look at Carmen’s estate planning. She was a passionate woman who was committed to the efforts of a local animal spay and neuter clinic. Paul intended to stay true to that. He worked with the staff at the Placer Community Foundation to establish the Carmen Tindall Wilson Trust Fund which now supports animal welfare in perpetuity.

“I refer my clients to Placer Community Foundation because I know my client’s desires will be accomplished,” said Paul. “The staff is great, the organization is secure, and I trust that someone will be monitoring the dollars given to nonprofits organizations. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to keep funds local.”

The Carmen Tindall Wilson Trust Fund at Placer Community Foundation (PCF) makes yearly grants to support animal welfare organizations in their pursuit to place abandoned and neglected animals in caring, permanent homes.


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