Bud and Bernadine Beadles

Helping humanity through charitable giving.
Bud and Bernadine Beadles

Bud and Bernadine Beadles Charitable Fund

If you ask Bud Beadles why he gives charitably, the reply is one word: Humanity.

Throughout their life together, Bud and his wife, Bernie, planned for the future. When Bud knew that retirement was coming soon, he began to think about where they should permanently settle after decades of moving due to the military and work. Bud started visiting a dentist friend in Auburn and knew that the small town would make a good home. It took Bernie a year to agree, but once they moved, the Beadles never looked back as Auburn’s friendly feel reminded them of Midwest towns where they grew up.

Bernie was a civilian secretary for the Air Force in France when she met Bud, an Air Force jet pilot, in August of 1956. Bud recalls that his friend spotted Bernie moving boxes from one barracks to another and convinced him to help her, a nudge for which Bud will forever be grateful. They were engaged four months later and married in late April, 1957. Bernie loved music and joined the church choir in every town where she and Bud lived. She knew all the songs by heart and though she always held the hymn book, Bud says it was just for show, as she sometimes held it upside down. Bernie was an active member of the Assistance League of Greater Placer County, a community service organization whose volunteer work benefits those in need. Bernie passed away in 2012, but Bud continues on, volunteering as an active member of the Auburn Host Lions Club whose motto is “we serve.”

The Beadles were first introduced to the Placer Community Foundation by their attorney, Paul Aronowitz. Bud describes it as “the answer we were looking for.” He and Bernie were seeking a way to give during their lifetime but also wished to continue giving to multiple charities they care most about long after they’re gone. Through the Community Foundation, they established a Donor Advised Fund to remain active in their giving today, and a legacy gift to be carried out through their estate plan.

He describes why philanthropy is important to him, sharing, “I love to see people succeed and most times, they just have to be given an opportunity.” He continues, “I like to give to deserving individuals, like seniors in high school, seminarians, and young cadets.” In the support of these causes, it is clear that Bud has planned not only for himself, but has invested in the futures of others with great potential.

The Bud and Bernadine Beadles Charitable Fund supports a number of causes including the Boys and Girls Club of Placer County, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and the Gathering Inn. A new music room is currently being developed at the Boys and Girls Club in honor of Bernie’s memory. Through their charitable giving, the Beadles have, and will continue to, impact humanity thoughtfully and with great purpose.

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