Annemarie Angelo

Grants from the Annemarie Angelo Fund honor her legacy by supporting animal welfare and the performing arts.
Annemarie Angelo

Annemarie Angelo

Annemarie took great pride in her long, prolific career as a nurse at Kaiser Hospital in Hollywood. She was a founding nurse in the hospital’s first intensive and cardiac care units and was called upon to instruct and supervise the nursing team over the years as they adopted new technology. When she retired, Annemarie sought ways to continue to apply her energy and focus on helping others.

“At first it was like losing my life raft. I had to explore new interests and gradually let go of that work,” said Annemarie. It was during this transition that Annemarie became an active volunteer and local philanthropist.

Annemarie left Los Angeles and moved to Sun City Roseville to enjoy the better climate. She soon became a volunteer for the public elementary schools, attending to first grade students who were unruly or needed extra instruction. She did this for 12 years until hearing loss made conversations with the students difficult. She later met with her estate- planning attorney, Penny Changaris, about leaving a portion of her estate through bequest to charity.

“I explained that I wanted to be assured the money would go where it is needed and she was quick to tell me about Placer Community Foundation.”

Soon after, Annemarie met with Placer Community Foundation’s CEO Veronica Blake to establish a giving plan that today is the Annemarie Angelo Fund. Grants from this fund will support animal welfare and the performing arts.

Before her passing in January 2022, Annemarie regularly participated in Community Foundation events to learn how grants from donor funds impact the community.

“I really enjoy being around other people who give,” she shared. “And I admire Placer Community Foundation’s efforts to keep us informed of where the dollars are going because that is what keeps us all motivated to do more.”

Placer Community Foundation will deeply miss Annemarie at our annual events and the warm community spirit she felt when we all gathered. We honor her lifetime of caring for others by supporting causes she treasured during her later years.


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