Andrew Hayes

Giving back and honoring family.
Sigrid and Guy Gibson

Giving as a Family Culture

Andrew Hayes grew up in a household in which giving to the community was part of the “internal culture.”

He grew up in Iowa with a father who was a university professor and a mother who got her MBA while raising children and then entered the corporate world. While both were busy and successful in their careers, each remained involved in the community whether it was coaching little league or serving as choir director for their church. Later in life, they each started their own named scholarship fund in Iowa. His father’s supports the study of law. His mother’s supports the study of music.

“I grew up knowing that part of my parent’s legacy was to be remembered for what they loved and what they supported and that it would perpetuate long after they are gone. That feels good.”

Andrew modeled this same form of community engagement when he became a parent. He devoted time coaching sports and as he got older and retired he sought ways to give his time and resources. When he and his wife moved to Auburn he soon became involved with Auburn Interfaith Food Closet. It was then he became aware of Placer Community Foundation (PCF).

“PCF sold themselves when I saw their support of local nonprofits like ours and the other leadership activities they do throughout the community. It was a natural fit for me to work with them on a charitable plan in my Trust.”
Andrew designated a portion of his estate to PCF that, when he passes, will continue to support the causes he and his parents care about.
“There is a portion of the blessings that have been given to me that I want used to support what’s important to me, my family and specifically my parents’ scholarships. A good conduit to address all of this was through PCF.”

Andrew also saw value in PCF during the pandemic when demand was especially high for food to individuals and families in need. In 2020 PCF awarded Auburn Interfaith Food Closet ten grants totaling nearly $80,000 to support purchase of food as well as to sustain their operations when fundraising came to a halt.

“PCF became a rallying point for everybody working at safety net nonprofits like ours to determine the greatest needs in the county. A lot of that was the work of PCF’s Grants Manager Eileen Speaker. It made me further realize that this place has got its stuff together and is working to take care of our stuff.”

When asked to reflect on his and his parents giving Andrew circles back to engaging at a local level.

“I think it’s easy when you are young to want to save the world and create dynamic change that will impact people everywhere. But then as we mature, we realize that maybe if I do something in my community I can feel the impact I’m making directly on more individuals. Doing something local, like my parents did, holds great value to me.”


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