Nonprofit Initiative

Helping local nonprofits thrive.

Providing Leadership

Placer Community Foundation designed the Nonprofit Initiative to help local nonprofit organizations thrive and grow. Targeted to nonprofits serving residents along the western slope of Placer County, the program helps organizations deliver higher quality, more sustainable, more valuable community services.

By accessing the programming of this initiative, local nonprofit organizations can more effectively assess progress, develop people, plan growth, and manage operations.


Read about this program’s successes in a comprehensive report created by Tracy Regis of the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis. You can also read the Nonprofit Initiative executive summary.

Our thanks to Nonprofit Initiative and Leadership Summit Sponsors

Robert Kemp Community Fund
The Charles and Gail Muskavitch Foundation
The Arp Family Foundation
Azevedo Family Fund
Propp Christensen Caniglia LLP
Leo W. Ryan and Geraldine Suskin Community Fund
Placer County Employees Fund

Local Leaders Endorse the Nonprofit Initiative

“Local nonprofits are making great strides in improving our community, and with the assistance of Placer Community Foundation’s Nonprofit Initiative, those nonprofit programs are getting stronger and serving even more folks every day. I appreciate the good work PCF is doing for Placer County.” – Placer County Sherriff, Ed Bonner

“The Nonprofit Initiative at Placer Community Foundation enables local nonprofits that address numerous important causes to gain practical and technical skills, which benefits everyone in our region.” – Jim Holmes, Supervisor District 3, County of Placer 

“Placer Community Foundation has shown exceptional leadership in our community by providing this thoughtful programming. Our nonprofit sector is stronger because of it.” – Carol Garcia, Vice Mayor, City of Roseville

“Placer Community Foundation has been a proven source of state of the art training for Placer’s nonprofit leadership. And they’ve stepped up their game. The Foundation is now the trusted voice for ‘call to action’ throughout Placer’s communities, through initiatives like the Big Day of Giving, ensuring citizen support for the good work performed by our priceless nonprofits. ‘Thank you, Placer Community Foundation, for your amazing work and your professionalism!'” – Susan Rohan, Mayor, City of Roseville

“I have attended the Nonprofit Leadership Summit put on by the Community Foundation, and it was a top notch event. The speaker was interesting and informative, and the nonprofits in attendance walked away with practical skills and ideas to bring back to their work.” – Jennifer Montgomery, Supervisor District 5, County of Placer

“We are so fortunate to have Placer Community Foundation working with our local nonprofits. Not only do they strengthen those organizations through training and development opportunities like the Nonprofit Leadership Summit, they also make it easy for our community to take part in local philanthropy through efforts like the BIG Day of Giving, which creates a real sense of community pride.” – Kirk Uhler, Supervisor District 4, County of Placer

“Each year, almost 100 local nonprofits benefit from the training and networking opportunities the Nonprofit Initiative provides. This highly worthwhile program is an investment in the future of our community.” – Jack Duran, Supervisor District 1, County of Placer

“I proudly support Placer Community Foundation’s Nonprofit Initiative because it makes Auburn’s nonprofit sector stronger and therefore makes the city a better place to live.” – Bridget Powers, City of Auburn

“Placer Community Foundation has helped strengthen almost 200 nonprofit organizations in our County. Their work will pay dividends in our community for years to come.” – Paul Joiner, City of Lincoln

“We want our nonprofits to run like well-oiled machines, and Placer Community Foundation’s Nonprofit Initiative provides the tools these organizations need— training, tech support, and grants— to support our community for the long haul.” – Scott Yuill, City of Rocklin

“By supporting the BIG Day of Giving in Placer County, Placer Community Foundation raised the level of philanthropy in our local communities and brought new awareness to the work of 78 local nonprofits.” – Robert Weygandt, Supervisor District 2, County of Placer

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